Wednesday, July 31, 2019

My July

Well, July, 2019 was a good month. I was as busy as a bee. Of course my Tokyo explorations continued. And I drank reasonably. My weight is still going down (not up) but it was a challenge this month.
1. Family dinner in Ueno. There was me, my wife, two daughters and our brand new son-in-law.
2. July 4th was America's Independence Day celebration. Basically, it is America's birthday. I watched the special celebration they had on TV.
3. A trip to Tokyo by myself took me to Honganji and Tsukiji.
4. Saw the movie SPIDERMAN.
5. Saw the movie ALADDIN.
6. Stayed one night in Ueno with M.
7. M and I visited the Akasaka Palace state guest house. That was my third time this year.
8. Out drinking with son-in-law and his dad.
9. Drive around Tokyo by car with M. Nice challenge.
10. Visit Aqua Park aquarium in Shinagawa.
11. Watched "france 19". This was the Women's World Cup Soccer tournament in France. I saw 7 games.b Very exciting.
12. Watched "The Open". This was the men's golf tournament over four days. Very interesting.
13. Did some gardening and weeding in the neighborhood.
14. No chance to wash the car.
15. Went to the gym 14 times.
16. Had breakfast with Kindergarten kids.
17. Watched Women's Tennis Final at Wimbledon.
18. Watched Men's Tennis Final at Wimbledon.

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