Friday, July 26, 2019

Ameyoko Izakaya

So, our main goal this trip was to enjoy some eats and drinks at the Izakaya "Daitoryo". We arrived at 5pm. We hoped that by getting there early we would get a seat at the counter. Wrong! There were so many people waiting to get a seat. The guy told us to forget trying. So, we moved on, looking for a different watering hole. Most cool places were full but we finally fond one. It was right on the road where all the  people were walking and shopping. Cool. However, the food was terrible. We left soon without finishing our food. We moved on and found a place called HUB. It is a British Pub. It was a different atmosphere and worth the visit. We probably will never visit again though. Finally we went back to Ueno station. When my brother was visiting here, we found a nice Japanese Izakaya in this area. I searched for it, but couldn't locate it. Sigh. So we entered an outdoor elevator and went up to the 5th floor. Success! Here was a nice, quiet, delicious Japanese restaurant. We sat at the bar. The place was very clean. The atmosphere was good with several groups in the background, talking and laughing. Happy.

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