Tuesday, July 16, 2019

frnace 2019 Part 2

I never used to be a soccer fan. I have never played soccer in my life. When I was a kid and young adult, we played baseball, American football, ice hockey and basketball. I was not good at basketball. And I broke my noise playing basketball one day. That was when I gave up playing that sport. Now, soccer (football) is very popular in America. One reason is that American football has become a rather dangerous sport to play. There are many, many kinds of injuries. But we played a lot. I think baseball was my favorite. Anyway, while I watched the women play soccer I was very impressed. They were strong and fast, quick  and very talented. The USA team was, of course, the best. Not because they are from my home country, but because they won the tournament. In the tournament all the athletes were very good. So, what is the difference between the men's and women's soccer? In my opinion it is that the women do not complain very much. The men seem to complain a lot. Sometimes the men are like little children, in my opinion. 

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