Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Finally after Tsukiji

After that terrible movie I arrived at Tokyo station about 4:30. At first, I looked for a place to get a dessert. That is one of my pleasures when visiting Tokyo. I couldn't find one easily so I went to RAMEN STREET in the Yaesu Underground shopping area. About 25 people were lined up to get into Rokurinsha Ramen shop. I passed it up. I found a place that had a an open seat. I ordered a chashumen. It was simple and tasty. Then I searched for a dessert place. I walked up and down the aisles looking., I settles on one. But,m I had to wait in line. I was there for ten minutes and that was enough (to make me leave). Then I found a place called Kajitsuen. Then had lots of fruit and caked in the showcase. I looked at all those cakes and fruit treats as I waited in line. They all looked great! I had to decide. After another ten minutes in line, they invited me in. I got to my table. I chose. I got a cake with four types of berries in it. I was soft and creamy and yummy! I tried to take my time, and it was gone before I knew it. Delicious.

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