Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Aoyama Cemetery

On June 21st I took a trip to Tokyo. I am sure that I told you about it. I went to Roppongi to visit Tokyo Midtown and Ark Hills. Between visiting those two places I took a walk to Aoyama Cemetery. Why? Because when I first visited Roppongi last October I went to the top or Mori building. There I went to the observation Deck. It is called Tokyo City View. It was \1,800. I saw some good views of Tokyo. I was especially interested in the green area to the west. I learned later that it was Aoyama cemetery. So, three Sundays ago I went there. It wasn't too far. The weather was cloudy and cool. I entered it. There are two roads that crisscross in the middle of the cemetery. It would be difficult to get lost. I saw many, many graves. There were trees here and there. Some gravestones were huge! Some were standard size. Some graves were elevated, maybe 50 centimeters to one meter. Some had steps. Some had iron fences around them. Some had a tree or bushes. Most were not kept up. It looked as if visitors were very few and far between. I walked here for close to an hour. It was very interesting indeed.

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