Friday, July 19, 2019

After Tsukiji

So, I was finished at Tsukiji fish market and still has some time. It was still raining. I walked along Harumi Street towards the Yamanote Line. I looked at my guide book. I saw that the Kabukiza and the Ginza were on my way. I stopped at the theater to get some info about early AM tickets. At the Ginza I walked along the street a little ways. It was raining but it was "People only" day. I found Mitsukoshi department store. Then back to my walk. I arrived at Tokyo Midtown Hibiya. I decided to see if there were any movies to see. There was one starting in just 10 minutes. I bought my ticket and found my seat. The theatre was packed (full of people). I settled in. The movie started. It was "Spiderman". It was terrible. It wasn't funny. It wasn't interesting. It wasn't exciting. It was boring. But, I got  a good rest. HOWEVER, when I got up to leave the theater, my left foot was in pain! The ball of my foot was hurting. I tried to walk it off. It worked. I walked for about 50 meters and the pain went away. I was going to walk up to Tokyo station, but the pain forced me to take the short train ride to Tokyo. Continued tomorrow.

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