Tuesday, July 2, 2019

My June

June is not my favorite month. Why? Because there are no national holidays. However, I heard that that will change soon. For example, every year August 11th is a holiday in japan. It is called Mountain Day. Mountain Day was established in May, 2014. So, now every month has a national holiday except June. I'm looking forward to the new June holiday. And, to tell  the truth, I didn't do much in June. 
1. Went to Suntory Hall with my family to see a concert one Sunday. 
2. After the concert we had and Italian dinner in Ueno.
3. Went drinking to "Daitoryo" in Ueno with two friends.
4. Took a walking tour in Tokyo. I visited Tokyo Midtown in Roppongi as well as Ark Hills, Sengakuji, The Ghibli Clock.
5. Took a stroll through the Aoyama Cemetery.
6. Worked every day except Sundays.
7. Trimmed two trees in our garden as well as weeding.
8. Went to the gym 14 times.
9.Ordered two magazines. One is Readers Digest, the other is National Geographic.
10. Drove to and from Tokyo one Sunday.
11. Had a ramen breakfast one Sunday AM at Rokurinsha in Tokyo station.
12. Last Saturday night went drinking in Tokyo with my son-in-law and his father.
13. Watched three Womens' World Cup Soccer games.
As I said, I didn't do much.

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