Thursday, July 25, 2019

Akasaka Palace revisited

So, we went to the Akasaka Palace State Guest House. Miwako had never been there. This was my third time. Unfortunately they do not have parking. So, I dropped Miwako off there, then found a place to park the car. Then I walked back to the Palace. We got our tickets. We watched the English and Japanese videos separately. Then we got to the Palace door and got audio players. These told us the story of the Palace and the rooms that we entered. As I learned, it is best to listen to each audio twice. Besides the four main rooms there is the main hall and the stairway as well as the entrance. You cannot return to any rooms or areas once you have left them. So, we went to each room and enjoyed the beauty of each. They are all different. They have beautiful walls, chandeliers, windows, curtains, furniture, pictures, paintings, and lots and lots of gold. We took our time. It took less than an hour. When we exited (left the building) we went to the rear of the building. There we found a garden and a fabulous water fountain. Then we went to the front and walked to out the front gate and left. It was great this time, too.

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