Friday, July 5, 2019

A visit to the Sanyou region by Miki

We took a trip to the Sanyou region of Japan from Friday June 14th to Sunday June 16th. I went with my husband and daughter for 2 days and 3 nights. My husband and daughter love travelling while I don't it all that much. But, I wanted to see the Seto-naikai or the so-called Inland sea of Japan. My daughter and I were visiting this region for the first time. We had four destinations: the Himeiji castle, Kurashik, Onomoichi, and Shimanami Kaido. 
1. Himeji castle is a world heritage site. That castle is very beautiful as everyone says. We were excited to see it in person. 
2. Kurashiki was a perfect tourist spot. We cold see typical Japanese scenery. The Kurashiki Bikan Shiku was very beautiful. We enjoyed a river boat ride and the Ohara museum there. There were a lot of foreigners there.
3. Onomichi was a nostalgic city. Local life and tourism live there together. That made us comfortable. It is on the sea. The sea is named Onomchi-suido. We could see many islands on the sea. They are very close to the Onomichi side. We ate ramen and okonomiyai. They tasted so nice.
4. Finally, we enjoyed driving the Shimani-kaido in a rental car. There are lots of islands. Bridges connect them all. We could see the beauty of these islands and the wild tidal currents. I imagined the famous Murakami Suigun that used to govern there. 
Even though the weather was not good, we had a great time.

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