Friday, August 31, 2018

My August

Well August, 2018 ends today. And with it, ends my summer vacation. I was free from the 7th to the 15th. My kindergarten lessons were off so I had that free time too. So, what did I do during August? Let me tell you. (See the pic below)
1. Miwako and I took a trip to the Hokuriku area. I drove all 1,354 kilometers on this trip. We stayed three nights. First, we stayed in Toyama, then in Wajima and finally in Gokayama. W saw lots of beautiful scenery, had delicious food and drinks, and many many nice people.
2. Went to the gym 12 times.
3. Family members visited from Tokyo and Kamakura.
4. Cleaned the school included the fan, changed the posters, got special covers for two chairs and put "boots" on the table.
5. Had the school floors waxed.
6. Pulled lots and lots of weeds next door.
7. Went out drinking once with a buddy.
8. Went to the movies with Kenny.
9. Relaxed with a couple of books and crossword puzzles.
10. Drank more than usual.
11. Went to dinner with my daughter's fiance.
12. Swam in the Japan sea.
13. Went to Ueno museum and zoo.
14. Slept in a lot.
I had an excellent August thanks to my lovely wife and family.

Thursday, August 30, 2018

A trip to Switzerland by Eiko

    I went on a trip to Switzerland with my husband this summer. We had a wonderful time. We were blessed with good weather, sunny days! We saw all mountains, Matterhorn, Mont-Blanc, Jungfrau, Eiger, Monch. They were so beautiful. It seemed like a dream to think back now.
   Switzerland is a safe country. In Italy and France, the tour conductor always told us that we had to attention to pickpocket. But this time, she didn’t say any attention. The nature was so beautiful, and there were no trash in the town. Swiss farmers keep their fields and pastures beautiful. The steel tower and utility pole are made green color and made to blend naturally. McDonald's that I saw only one was green and yellow, not red and yellow. I thought that public awareness of beauty was very high.
   Switzerland is a permanently neutral country. But there is a conscription system.
There are nuclear shelters into which all citizens enter. I thought Switzerland is a mature country in various ways. Switzerland is a wonderful country with a beautiful nature and solid people.

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Ueno Zoo

So, after seeing the Michelangelo exhibition at the Museum of Western Art I went to the zoo. I just L O V E the zoo. I got in about 1:30PM on a senior discount ticket (\300). And I saw elephants, polar bears, brown bears, a gorilla, a tiger, monkeys, a gibbon and some birds. That was all in the East Garden. I didn't look at the birds much his time. I did have lunch though. I had some yakisoba and then a soft cream. Yummy! Then I walked to the West garden. There I saw penguins, kangaroos, zebras, pygmy hippos, hippopotamus's,  rhinoceroses, giraffes, okapis, and flamingos. I go to the zoo every year, so I have seen the baby giraffe get bigger and bigger. The giraffes move so gracefully. The rhinos are so strong. And it was a hot day. I was getting a bit tired. So I took the monorail back to the East Garden. It cost \150 with NO SENIOR discount. Oh well. I left the zoo and walked back to the station. It was too hot to talk to nay foreigners this day. I got the train and was back  at home 4:30. By the way, my favorite zoo animal is the rhino. Number 2 is he polar bear. 

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

A trip to Ueno

Two Sundays ago, I was home alone. So, I decide to take a trip to Ueno. Why Ueno? Because it is relatively close. It takes approximately 40 minutes to get there. So, I got my summer uniform (T-shirt, shorts, arm covers, sandals, neck towel and hat. Then I got my camera, novel, wallet and bag and set out. I went by bike to Okegawa station and parked it in the MINE department parking. I got the train at Okegawa station and off I went. At first I  planned to go to the zoo. But I saw the National Museum of Western Art first and checked it out. The special exhibition was Michelangelo and the Ideal Body. The admission price was \1,600.  The Permanent Exhibition was \500 to see it. I decided to splurge (spend the extra money) band see Miche-chan's  works. But, it was also works of many different artists. The main theme was counterpoised. 
About Michelangelo Buonarroti: He lived from 1475 to 1564. This was during the Age of Enlightenment. He was called a god-like artist for the mastery of all three major artistic forms - sculpture, painting and architecture. His Sistine Chapel ceiling's image of the Creation of Adam and his fresco of the Last Judgment  are renowned worldwide. And yet he always referred to himself as a sculpture. 
The exhibition was interesting.

Monday, August 27, 2018

Oh Mistake

I accidentally erased all y BLOGS. It mat take a few hours to get them back. Please try this BLOG later.

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Thank you.