Thursday, August 1, 2019

Afternoon Tea by Hiromi 2

Yesterday I had a wonderful time.
First my aunt invited me to her house for an afternoon tea party.
My aunt likes British culture so she imitated the tea related tradition of Britain and
served us sandwiches, scones with clotted cream and jam, sweet pastries and of course some tea. It is said that Afternoon Tea was introduced in Britain in the early 1840s. In those days they had tea because they ate dinner around 9pm.
I ate many sweets and had a great time.

And in the evening I went to Okegawa Gion Matsuri. It was crowded with so many people.
But there I saw someone. Can you guess who? I saw Hiromi 1.
I couldn’t say hi to her but it was nice to see her enjoying the Omatsuri.
And I think I saw Masatoshi-san too, but I am not sure.
I saw a man wearing Happi for “Yagumo” district who looked like Masatoshi-san.
Again I couldn’t say hi to him because I wasn’t sure.
I enjoyed the special atmosphere of Omatsuri. 

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