Thursday, July 18, 2019

Tsukiji Fish Market

I had never been to Tsukiji fish market. I have heard many stories about it. I have also read many stories about it. I had no idea where it was, actually. So, two Sundays ago, I went there. As I said yesterday, I went first to the Honganji temple. From there I walked along Harumi Street to the market. It was so much fun! There were many people sitting and standing while eating at the shops facing the street. It was a festive atmosphere. it was like a festival. I soon stopped to buy a raw oyster. Yummy! Next door were sea urchins. I love sea urchins. But 1,000yen? Sigh. Pass. I walked along some back streets, too. There was fresh fish and sea food everywhere. They all looked delicious. I finally decided on some fresh tuna. I bought a small dish and ate it standing up near the place. It was still raining, but no worries. I then walked to the shops in the back streets. I found some standing drinking shops. And there were also shops selling souvenirs. I walked on to the parking garage across the street. It also had some shops. One of these shops had ice cream. But not just ice cream. It was, Hokkaido premium ice cream. I got a chocolate one. Yummy, again!

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