Thursday, July 11, 2019

A night out with the boys

My new son-in-law, his father and I went "out on the town" Saturday night. "Out on the town" means "to go out drinking". Of course I have met my son-in-law many times, but his father only three times including once at the wedding. We wanted to get to know each other better so, we wanted to go out drinking. I asked them to get to the drinking spot early and get seats. They did this, and when I arrived at 6pm in Ueno I went straight to the "Daitouryo" izakaya. This was my second time and son-in-laws 4th or 5th time. His dad? It was his first time. (He lives in Shikoku.) We got a table with seats. Cool. We shared a couple of bottled beers. Then switched to sake. After two hours we were primed. So, we moved on to a new izakaya not far away. Again we had drinks and some very tasty food. It was time to move on again. Son-in-law found a whiskey bar in a hotel nearby. They had a singer/piano player. She was pretty good and we made requests and drank whiskey. By this time we had reached our limits. We stumbled on to the station. I went my way and they went theirs. We all got home safe and sound. 

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