Friday, February 19, 2021

    I had a lesson at one of my kindergartens. These kids are six years old. They will start elementary school with cherry blossoms blooming in two months. 
    At this lesson we practiced the DAYS of the WEEK. We have practiced this together many times over the past two years. This was to be the final time. So, after every kid practiced reading the DAYS with me one by one, I challenged them with this lesson. They all got their notebooks and a pencil. I then wrote one of the DAYS on the left side with the order of the words incorrectly. I (and the class teacher) explained that the first letter was NOT capitalized. That is, it was also a small. It turned out very well. Three kids (girls, of course) got it. So, I wrote one more DAY under this one. When one student got that one, I wrote one more. By that time more than half the kids got it. This phase of the lesson took 25 minutes.  

Monday, February 1, 2021

 I have decided to start using my BLOG site again. I hope you will join in by contributing a story every so often (once in a while). 

In my case, I was home all day yesterday, except to make a trip to BBWALK to buy sashimi and Japanese sake. I read my book for 3 hours, watched the news while doing two Super Scrabble games by myself and finally cocktailing at night. It was a good day off. As I said, I have also decided to remake my BLOG site. I hope to get other teachers to contribute news to us. So, wish me luck. ITM here's one of the puzzles. Can you figure out the BLANKS? Scroll down for the answers.

DIME/DIMS                           NEARLY                 RIGID/AGING                   JERKY              


Greetings. My name is Rick. RAM English Service,, is located in Japan. My wife and I own and operate this Service. We have been teaching English to Japanese students, kids and adults alike, since 1988. We also teach at four kindergartens. We would like to share ideas, stories and basic information to any and all people. On this page we have ideas, suggestions and tips for teaching. They may or may not work for you. However you are welcome to check them out. Thank you.

You can see demo videos of my teaching HERE.
Check out my BLOG HERE.

WE have a GAME DAY at our school. It is the fourth lesson of the month. Some of the games we employ follow. 

1. Dominoes. I use these with kids starting from 9 or 10 to adults. You can learn how to play it on-line or with instructions included. The older students really enjoy it, especially when they get better at it. 
2. Chutes and Ladders. Excellent for smaller kids. They have to role one dice, say the number rolled, count the number out on the board and finally say the number that they  land on. When they land on a chute or ladder square they say "I go up/down from (number) to (number)". Finally the players must land exactly on 100. If not, they continue backwards from 100 for that die roll. This makes it difficult to win, which is more fun for all. If they do reach 100, they will start over from 0. Continue play until lesson is finished. 
3. Chip-O. This is a board game. I have revised the rules to make it last for 30 to 40 minutes. All the chips are used and all the cards are read. It is an excellent study when played my revised rules. Instructions available by mailing us
4. Super scrabble. Adults only. Rather difficult. I will assist in many instances. I allow them to make a simple word and then show them other possibilities. 

I'm back

 Good Monday morning. I'm gonna start blogging again. So, this is a test.

Saturday, April 4, 2020

RAM English Service Presents

Welcome to RAM English Service. 


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英検勉強にキッズのために          幼稚園リットルキッズのために   
 be動詞説明 CLICK HERE.                               UP DOWN 1
助動詞説明 CLICK HERE.                               WARM-UP FAST/SLOW 
疑問詞の説明 CLICK HERE                          MONTHS (月の練習
                      NUMBERS (ナンバーズ)                              COLORS (色の練習)

Thursday, April 2, 2020

HW page for little kids

Wednesday, April 1, 2020