Monday, July 29, 2019

Puzzler Answers

August starts thiws week. I'm getting up for the summer. I'm gonna go swimming. Puzzler Answers: CLICK HERE.

以下はスーパースクラブルパズルです。よく見ると、4つの空白のタイルが見つかります。 空白のタイルとは、何も書かれていないタイルのことです。それら空白のタイルは、ある単語の一部です。空白のタイルに、どの文字があてはまるかを考えてください。おわかりですか?答えは、ページを下にスクロールして下さい。GOOD LUCK

Below is a Super Scrabble Puzzle. If you search carefully you will find four blank tiles on it. BLANK means that nothing is written on it. But, they are part of the word. Try to determine what letter the BLANK tiles are. After you have your guess you can scroll down the page to find the answers. As always, GOOD LUCK.


      TABLED/EXIL          ATTEND/DOOR           CHANNEL               QUEER                 


Anonymous said...

I am afraid 1 of your answers is wrong.

RAMEnglish said...

How right you are. Thank you very much whomever you are.