Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Driving in Tokyo

Last week Monday was the first holiday since Golden week. Finally, a chance to enjoy a day off. So, Miwako and I took a trip to Tokyo. We stayed one night at a hotel very near Ueno station. To begin the trip we left home at 10:30am Monday. I drove. That was part of the adventure. I wanted to drive in Tokyo. Our first destination was the Akasaka Palace State Guest House. Yes, I have been there two times this year. But Miwako has never been there. At my request we did not use the car navi (navigation system). I wanted to to get to know (learn) my way around the city of Tokyo. We used to play bridge in Yotsuya. We drove there a lot. So, it was easy to get there and the Akasaka Palace is right nearby. It was a piece of cake. Also, it was a holiday so the traffic was light. After this visit I drove to our hotel in Ueno. It is on the west side. So, I remembered walking around Yurakucho area a couple of times so, we drove under the tracks there. Then we headed in the general direction of Ueno. Success. We checked into our hotel. Then next day I drove us to Shinagawa. Again we didn't use the car navi. We went to the Aqua Park Aquarium. Driving was different this day as there was more traffic. But all went well. That afternoon, Miwako drive home. I was pooped.

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