Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Singapore Memories By KUMA

1.The city         
               ● I lived and worked in Singapore from 1996 to 2000.
               ● Singapore is so beautiful and is called "greenery country".
                But Singapore is very small country. It is almost the same size as                         Awajishima in Seto inland sea or Tokyo 23 wards.
2.  The transportation  
                 Changi Airport is famous as an international hub airport. 
                    Very big, clean and beautiful. 
               ●  Female flight attendants uniform of Singapore Airline are so                                  elegant, exotic and sexy.
               ●   Bus, Subway(MRT) and taxi are at the center of the land                                        transportation. MRT stands for Mass Rapid Transit and is a subway.                    MRT is an elevated railway in the suburbs. MRT Extension                                    construction is still progressing towards the suburbs.  
3.  The restaurant
                  I wanted to introduce the restaurant “Compass Rose” on the top                           floor of The Westin Hotel, overlooking Singapore Bay. Words don’t                         appear in the beauty of the night view. 
                     Some people say that the essence of Singapore gourmet is in                                 Hawken- Center(=Food Center). That’s true. And delicious and                             inexpensive.
4.  The hotel
                 I had no chance to stay in these gorgeous hotels in Singapore.
                       1. Shangri-la 2. Singapore Raffles Hotel 3. Marina Bay Sands
                       I’d like to stay at these hotels someday.


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