Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Honganji Temple

Two Sundays ago I paid a visit to Tokyo. I went to Tsukiji fish market and Honganji Temple. First let me tell you about the Honganji Temple. 
Several students suggested that I visit this temple if I were to go to Tsukiji fish market. They said it was very near there. I went on Sunday by train. I changed to the Yurakucho subway line at Yurakucho station. I looked at my Tokyo Guide book. It showed that I could walk there from Shitomisho station. This temple was very unique and fantastic! It was a large building with doors and windows and a domed entrance and a left wing and a right wing. I entered. First, I encountered a large room. There were many chairs for patrons and for guests. There was a beautiful golden altar in front. There was a ceremony going on (happening) at this time. There were many people dressed in traditional black suits and dresses that Japanese families wear at funerals. They were having a group memorial service. I was a tourist and there were others like me. No one minded. The altar was all golden and quite spectacular. I left this room and walked around the inside of the building. Interesting! If you haven't been there I definitely recommend it.

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