Friday, July 12, 2019

france 19 Part 1

"france 19" means the 2019 Women's World Cup Soccer tournament. It was held in France this time. The world cup tournament is held every 4 years. This time the USA won the tournament. They won it in 2015, too. And they won it in 1991 and 1999. There have been eight tournaments in all (total). The US has won half of them. That is, they have won four. Japan won in 2011 against the US and then Japan lost in the final in 2015 again against the US. I became interested in watching this time several weeks ago. Why? Because it was easy to watch. The games were live in Japan on TV. The timing fit my schedule very nicely. I saw a total of six games. After I heard that England beat Norway 3 to 0, I started watching. The games were on TV at 4am. I saw the USA defeat France 2-1, then Sweden beat Germany 2-1. In  the semi-finals, the Netherlands defeated Italy 2-0 and the USA defeated England 2-0. That set the stage for the final two games. In the consolation game Sweden defeated England 2-1, and finally The USA beat the Netherlands to win the World Cup 2-0. I recorded the final two games and watched them early Saturday and Sunday mornings. To be continued.

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