Wednesday, October 31, 2018

My October

Well, today is the final day of October, 2018. In America we chant "30 days have September, April, June and November. All the rest have 31, except February, which has 28 and 29 in a leap year." And the weather is really nice now. We are leaving the hot weather behind us. The leaves are beginning to turns colors. Hopefully we will get out to view them. So, I went to the gym 13 times his month. I went every Monday, every Thursday and every Saturday. Last Saturday, there was no Kenkatsu lesson so M and I went to our favorite restaurant...FUTABA. Yes, it was delicious. We also met our daughter's new in-laws-to-be for a face to face. That was cool. We held a one year memorial for M's mom. We met relatives there. I did absolutely (=positively = 100%) no gardening or weeding. I see now that I must do it soon. I also washed the car once. I put on my Halloween costume for some kindergarten kids to do trick or treating. I saw a lot of American league WORLD SERIES baseball as well as checking the hockey and football news on the Internet. I visited the Meiji Jingu on a whim. It was  good month, I believe.

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