Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Health issues

Every Saturday I teach two adult lessons in the afternoon. There are 20 adults in each group. At the first lesson last Saturday, one student wrote a a story about NATTO. She wrote "I don' like it very much but I try to eat it for my health." So, at that class and then in the second class we talked about health. Do you like NATTO? I do. I think it is very good for your health. When I make NATTO I add the mustard and soy sauce. I then mix is about 100 times. Some students said that 10 times is enough. Most agreed that at least 30 times is enough. However my dentist (a very wise and noble man) told me that 600 times is best. I settled for 100 times. I eat it with hot rice. I add a raw egg to the rice, mix that, then add the NATTO. Sometimes I eat the dish with sea weed (NORI). It really is tasty. And I believe it is very good for my health. Of course, I never ate NATTO when I lived in America.I found a good article about NATTO on the Internet. Please check out tomorrow's BLOG to read about it.

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