Friday, October 19, 2018

The vacant lot next door

The vacant lot next door is not vacant now. Definition of vacant: adj. empty; not being used. If you look at the photo you will see many things in it now. It started two weeks ago. One day a worker came to our house and asked "Are you the owner of this vacant lot? We want to use it to do some construction work. We are from the Ageo City Hall." Of course we are not the owners of the lot. However, it seems that one neighbor told them that I pull the weeds there. They have to pave one road just behind our house. And they need a place to keep their equipment. They finally contacted the owner (I assume) and now use the lot. First, they cut all the weeds and threw away the grass. That was nice. Then they laid down the wooden boards. They put up a "Porta John" (portable toilet). I heard that they make a lot of racket (noise) when they work. My wife said that it sounds like an earthquake at times. I did not need to pull anymore weeds this year I believe. And now they will be using this field until December. 

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