Thursday, November 1, 2018

At the gym

I workout at the SUN ARENA gym in Okegawa. I have been going regularly for about three years now. There are all kinds of people who come. Sometimes kids come with their  mother or their father. Junior HS and High school kids come, too. There are also a lot of seniors. And I must say, 95% are all in very good shape. There are also a lot of body builders. These are younger guys who have these very muscular bodies. Sometimes younger ladies will come. Everyone has their own reasons for coming. One exercise that I do is using the barbell. I sit at the rack and raise the barbell up and down. Then I rest and adjust the weights every time. It takes about 10 minutes or so. While I am do this there is a large mirror right in front of me. During the lifting I take a break between lifting. I have to let my muscles rest unitl the next lifting. At that time I can see all the people doing various exercises in that mirror. Some are running. Some are stretching. Some are "pumping iron". Some are chatting. It is a sea of motion. It's pretty cool.

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