Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Sports Day in Japan

On Monday Japan celebrated SPORTS DAY. It was a naitonal holiday. Schools were closed as well as many companies and banks. Here's the story from wikipedia. 
The first Health and Sports Day was held on October 10, 1966, two years after the 1964 Summer Olympics. October was chosen for the unusually late Summer Olympics to avoid the Japanese rainy season, and Health and Sports Day continues to be one of the fairest days of the year.
In 2000, as a result of the Happy Monday Seido, Health and Sports Day was moved to the second Monday in October.
As Health and Sports Day is a day to promote sports and physical and mental health, many schools and businesses choose this day to hold their annual Field Day (運動会 Undō-kai), or sports day. This typically consists of a range of physical events ranging from more traditional track-and-field events such as the 100 metres or 4 x 100 metres relay to more uncommon events such as the tug of war and the "Cavalry Battle" (騎馬戦 kiba-sen).
Most communities and schools across Japan celebrate Sports Day with a sports festival which is similar to a mini Olympics. 
So, how did you celerbate Sports Day?

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