Thursday, October 11, 2018

Autumn Excursion by Kuma

My wife and I went to Hidaka-city, Saitama prefecture at the end of September to see 5 Million Red Spider Lilies.Hidaka-city has many names with KOMA attached, such as KOMA shrine, KOMA station and KOMA river.
Why?  Let’s study history!
From the 4th Century to the 7th Century, the three countries of the Korean Peninsula, KOMA, SHIRAGI and KUDARA were fighting for hegemony. Finally, SHIRAGI unified the Peninsula. Many people fled to Japan from defeated KOMA and KUDARA. Although many refugees fled to Japan, they conveyed the latest technology and culture to Japan.
The Yamato Imperial Court in Japan treated them cordially. The people of KOMA lived in seven different places, so Japan made county in Hidaka district and gathered them together in one place. Their lives had stabilized and the development of the Hidaka region has progressed. So we can understand why the name of KOMA is often in Hidaka-city.
In the center of Hidaka-city there is a park named Kinchakuda. “Kinchaku” means pouch, “da” means field. Overall the shape of the park resembles a pouch. It is a figure that the river meanders. During the fall equinox, we enjoyed having roughly 5 million red spider lilies blooming.     

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