Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Trick or Treat

Halloween is celebrated on October 31st around the world. I just read that many countries celebrate in different ways, but the main theme is remembering the dead. I think it is similar to the Japanese-Bon. In America there are different ways to celebrate this holiday. Here in Japan too, many young people have recenty started wearing costumes. Of course in the USA kids and young people do the same thing. As for me, I do it now for my business. As you know I am an English teacher. One of my lessons is at a kindergarten in Kounosu. Four years ago they asked me to dress up and greet the kids who would "Trick or Treat". So, every year I dress up and greet all of them with a "Happy Halloween". Then each kid will say (or try to say) "Trick or Treat". I respond with a comment and then "Here you are" as I hand them their prepared treat. They answer "Thank you". Then we pose for group photos. It takes about two hours. There are approximately (about) 360 kids every year. Whew! But, fun.

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