Tuesday, October 16, 2018

A Movie

Two Sundays ago M and I went to the movies. We drove to Shobu town's Millage shopping mall and saw the Japanese movie "Drink the Coffee before it gets cold." or something like that. Japanese movies are cool, as they are easy to understand. And the ya re basically clean: there is no foul language or sex scenes. I think they are easy to watch. In this movie there is a coffee shop. At the shop you can sit in one particular seat and go back in time. You can meet and talk to people who have also visited the coffee shop. And you will only meet at that coffee shop. However nothing will change the past. There  are several rules that you must abide by (obey/adhere to). If you decided to go back to the past, you must sit in a special seat at a special table. You must get back "before the coffee cools".  The bad news is that there is a ghost in that seat reading a book. You have to wait until she vacates (leaves) the seat to go to the restroom. In the movie four people use the seat to go back to the past. Then their stories are told. In the end it is a love story about the young lady who pours the coffee. And her new husband goes to the future (this is also possible) to help his new wife. It was pretty cool.  

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