Thursday, October 4, 2018

A trip by Akiko Part 2

I got off at Nagoya on my way back to Omiya. Nagoya castle is famous for the gold Sachihoko on the castle tower roof. It was also a hot, sunny day and the gold Sachihoko was shining brightly in the sky. Unfortunately the tower was closed because it had a problem with its earthquake resistance work. Fortunately, the Honmaru Palace, which is in front of he castle tower was recently rebuilt and was opened to the public in June. The old Honmaru Palace was destroyed by air strikes during World War ll. When I went there about 20 years ago, only the foundation stones were  lined up. It was accurately rebuilt based on old photos and drawings. It looked gorgeous! On top of that, it was built with Kiso Hinoko Cypress so it smelled so good. I thoroughly enjoyed this one, too. 
However there was one thing that disappointed me this trip. I saw the Urawa Reds completely annihilated (destroyed/defeated) by the Nagoya Grampus Eight at Toyota Stadium the night before I visited the Honmaru Palace. Sigh.

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Reiko said...

To Akiko-san,

Thank you very much for everything and your great trip story !

See you soon,