Thursday, October 18, 2018

No names

My mother-in-law passed away last year. On Sunday, we held a one-year memorial for her. My wife and our two daughters were busy all Sunday morning getting ready and then we drove to the cemetery. There we met my wife's sister and her two kids as well as her greatnephew. Then my wife's uncle and his wife and their son and daughter came. So, my wife's uncle and aunt, one niece and pone nephew,  two of her cousins, one great-nephew as well as our two daughters and her husband, me, were there. We all cleaned the grave and then attended a 20 minute service by the Buddhist priest. We all offered incense. From there all the family members went to have lunch. We all gathered to commemorate the life of this wonderful person. At the luncheon party there was her younger brother, her sister-in-law, two of her children, three of her granddaughters, one of her grandsons, one grand-nephew, one grand-niece, one great-grandson and one of her sons-in-law. The party lasted until about three o'clock. Outside we all said good-bye and promised to meet again soon.

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