Friday, October 5, 2018

Some of my favorite videos

One of our daughters lives in Tokyo. She came for a visit. She stayed for the weekend to take part in our other daughter's birthday party. She likes movies. She has a handful of DVDs. She brought them with her this time. They are videos that I also like. So, I watched three of them. One is "A Night at The Opera". It stars the MARX Brothers. The movie was made in 1935. It is black and white. It is my favorite movie ever! The second movie I watched was "The Wizard of Oz". It stars Judie Garland. It is a very nice and happy movie, even though "Dorothy" was crying many times. I also noted (saw) that she was rather chubby. While I was watching this movie I was also doing a crossword puzzle. One of the questions said "The Cowardly Lion actor". He is in this movie. What a coincidence! The third movie she brought was "The Blues Brothers". I hadn't seen that for a very long time. In it I saw the scene that features Aretha Franklin. She passed away (died) a couple for weeks ago. The scene was fantastic. I had a very quiet time at home enjoying some of my favorite movies.

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