Friday, March 1, 2019

My February

Sumida River from Ryougoku Bridge
My February was "as dry as a bone". That means very, very dry. And in this case, "dry" means no alcohol. Yep. I didn't have a drink since January 27th. So, with lots of vim and vigor I did a lot of stuff. For instance, I laid out veneer sheets on the vacant lot next door to prevent (stop) weeds from growing. I did not do the entire lot though. It is enough to keep the area next to our house weed-free. I made 6 Eiken CDs. I am getting better at that so it was easier. I also made a listening CD for my adult students. I filed my USA taxes. I changed the florescent light bulbs in our school. They were getting dim. I washed the car once. I had my regular teaching schedule. At the gym, I damaged my knee on the treadmill. So, I changed my routine and made 12 trips there. As I didn't drink, I was up early every Sunday AM to cook breakfast then head to Tokyo for some exploration. One visit was to RyouGoku. I visited the EdoTokyo Museum and the Sumida Hokusai Art museum. I also went to the St. Nicholi Cathedral. Another Sunday took me to Ikebukuro. There, I saw all the sea life at the Sunshine City Aquarium and I went to the Observation Deck. Then last Sunday, I was in Harajuku and then Shinjuku. Phew!

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