Friday, March 15, 2019

The vacant lot next door

There is a vacant lot next door to our house. I have been weeding it for about ten years. Last summer, the city did some work on a road behind our house. They used the vacant lot as a parking lot for their trucks and other machines. They finished in the fall. When they left and took all of their equipment, there were no weeds on the lot. Everything was as flat as can be (=very, very flat). I was very, very happy all winter. Now, spring is just around the corner. I know the weeds will be appearing soon. I was not looking forward to going out and taking care of the lot next door. So, I decided to invest in (pay money for) some plastic tarp. They are strips which are 10 meters by 1 meter. I went outside two weeks ago and laid down three strips. It was windy at that time so it was a bit of a hassle. But, I got them all laid. They are secured with metal pins that I pound into the ground with a hmamer. Unfortunately, three strip were not enough. I purchased three more. I cut one strip so it fit in the corner. I found rocks and some pipes to lay on top. That is to keep them in place when it gets windy. It looks nice. My hope is that I will not pull any weeds next to my house there ever again.

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