Friday, March 8, 2019

St. Nocholas Cathedral

Two weeks ago I visited the Ryougoku area. I went to to EdoTokyo Museum. I got an English speaking guide and she was excellent. Then I went to the Sumida Hokusai Art Museum to see some works of Mr. Katushika Hokusai. They were amazing. From there I walked across the Ryougoku bridge and made my way (went to) the St. Nicholi Cathedral. I took the ChuOu line to Ochanomizu and walked from there. It took only 5 minutes. It was pretty cool. There were no services (masses) on this day. I went inside. I paid 100 yen to light a candle. That is standard for a church. The windows and statues and altar were all pretty cool. They brought back memories of when I was a kid and went to church. Actually I have been to many churches around Japan and other places in America. The people are always friendly. There was one woman at this church. She was Russian. She was strict with the guests. There was also a Japanese woman there. She did not seem interested in this Russian woman. Some day I will take part in a mass here. They are Sundays at 10AM. 

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