Sunday, March 31, 2019

No Puzzler Hints

And the Hints are off. I think they went to Hawaii for some Maitais. Aloha!

March HP drink (verb) or drinks(s) (noun)
drink (noun) a liquid for drinking. for example: tea, coffee, beer, wine, whiskey, Shochu, rice wine (sake), juice (many kinds), medicinal drinks, energy drinks, diet drinks, health drinks, etc. Tell a story about your drinks or use the verb, drink, in your conversation.
1.I use to drink a lot when I was younger.私は若い時よく飲んだものです。
2. My fiance never drinks. 私の婚約者はお酒を飲みません。
3. I drink a glass of milk every morning.私は毎朝牛乳をカップ一杯飲みます。
Gottit? Cheers!

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