Thursday, March 7, 2019

M husband is at home by ANONYMOUS

This year's Spring Festival (Chinese New Year) was February 5th. This is the longest vacation tine for Chinese people. So, my husband was home for about a month. (Usually he works two weeks in China and then is back in Japan for two weeks). He doesn't do housework at all. He likes TV and he was watching the Wide Show all day long. I was tired of seeing the same news five times a day. When he is in China he rarely gets to see (is able to see) Japanese TV. So, I have to put up with it (grin and bear it) as long as he is working. He went on a business trip six days ago. I have free time every day now. I read the newspaper slowly in a quiet place. I played and studied for three days with a good friend. I feel like I went on a bit of a trip.

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