Thursday, March 14, 2019

My Smart Phone

Hallelujah! I finally got a smart phone. When I told my brother, he said "Welcome to the next phase of life." The story: Last week Monday, Miwako and I went to Nojima Electronics in Benibana Walk. I happened to be free all afternoon that day. That was good because it took close to three hours to complete the deal. The I got it for my birthday. I really didn't think I needed one, but since I got it I found three good reasons for it.
1. I can check the weather whenever.
2. I can tweet wherever.
3. It combines my phone and camera and voice recorder.
Of course there are other benefits (good points). I have been practicing lining with my family. I can look at photos or enlarge them with my finger. I can talk on the phone with the speaker phone. I like that. Having the Internet at my fingertips is REALLY convenient. I can find the train times when I return home from Tokyo. The best news is that there were having a campaign at that time. It was from March 1st to March 4th. The deal? If you purchase one during that time you get a free iPhone 7. Excellent!

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