Tuesday, March 26, 2019


I visited the Hama-rikyu Gardens in Tokyo on the 10th of March. At first I planned to go to the Boat Museum in Daiba because I thought it would rain that day. However, the weather was very nice. So, I took the train to HamamatsuChou and walked to the Gardens. The SuiJou Bus also stops at this park. I considered that, but when I checked the schedule I saw that it didn't work for me. (That means it was inconvenient.) So, I just walked around the Gardens for about two hours. And it was fantastic. It is a rather big park so there are many things to see. There were lots of trees and flowers and ponds and some buildings. The plum blossoms are in bloom now. There were pink ones and white ones. One tree was especially beautiful. The flowers called Nanohana (rape blossoms) were in bloom. They are yellow. There is a history with this park. It was first built around 1650. There are rebuilt tea houses and falcon rooms. There are several ponds. There is  lot of information printed around ht park so we can understand the Gardens history. I hope to go again when the wisteria are in bloom. 

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