Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Higashi Kindergarten Graduation

I have been teaching at the Higashi Kindergarten for 12 years, I think. I got the job by doing some footwork. That means going here and there and inquiring (asking) people at different places if they needed an English teacher. Well, this time my footwork paid off. OR I can say that it bore fruit. That means that it successful. So, during my time there, many things change. One thing that changed was that I attend the graduation ceremony every March. And, Miwako attends the entrance ceremony in April. At the graduation ceremony I am requested to sit in on stage with the Owner and his son (director) and one female teacher who assists. Sometimes the P.E. teacher joins us. This year he didn't. So, I make my speech. First it is Japanese. In this speech I speak to the moms and dads. I tell them what a great place the Kindergarten is. Then I speak to the kids in English. It is cool for two reasons: 1. Nobody understands what I am saying. 2. Every time I ask "OK?'  to the kids they automatically reply "OK!" as if they understand. Everyone enjoys it. Then I take a picture of them. (See pic) 

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