Wednesday, March 20, 2019

A trip to Iwatsuki by Shimizu

I went to an exhibition hall in Iwatsuki on Tuesday to see handcrafted ornaments made by Kuniko-san. She is a fellow student at Kenkatsu. Many peoples' works were displayed at the venue and there was a very gorgeous atmosphere. Kuniko displayed five pieces of her work. Such as; hanging ornaments, a decorated battledore, this years zodiac figure...a wild boar, just to name a few. Every work was cute, lovely and very wonderful. Kumiko-san, you have a good hobby, don't you? These were a feast for my eyes. That day she was in charge of the venue, so I was able to meet her. After I finished viewing everything, I had some free time so we went to a coffee shop. It was my first time to talk to her privately, outside the classroom. We really enjoyed chatting. We had a good time. 
Thank you, KUNIKO-san!

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