Saturday, March 30, 2019

No Puzzler

This is the 5th Saturday this month so the Puzzler is off. It will be back next week.

March HP drink (verb) or drinks(s) (noun)
drink (noun) a liquid for drinking. for example: tea, coffee, beer, wine, whiskey, Shochu, rice wine (sake), juice (many kinds), medicinal drinks, energy drinks, diet drinks, health drinks, etc. Tell a story about your drinks or use the verb, drink, in your conversation.
1.I use to drink a lot when I was younger.私は若い時よく飲んだものです。
2. My fiance never drinks. 私の婚約者はお酒を飲みません。
3. I drink a glass of milk every morning.私は毎朝牛乳をカップ一杯飲みます。
Gottit? Cheers!

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