Thursday, March 28, 2019

Higashi Kindergarten ShaOnKai

"ShaOnKai" means appreciation party for the teachers. In this case it is for the teachers at the Kindergarten where I teach on Tuesdays. This party is for the regular teachers and staff who are there all the time. They are the ones who take care of the kids. Their jobs are full time. My job is to come once a week and show the kids that English is FUN! And, I do attend the "Teacher Appreciation Party". I must say that the moms, and sometimes a dad or two, really work hard to make a fun and entertaining party. They always have a video. They always have games. They always have speeches by the teachers. They always have a Bento lunch. A couple of years ago, they let me try to play my violin with the one and only male teacher. He played the piano. That was very kind of them. But, now I just sit back a relax. I eat the lunch and drink the drinks they offer. Of course, the kids were all very happy and having a very good time. As always, in the end, the two teachers who were in charge of the Nen-Chou's gave teary-eyed speeches. Later that night, long after this party, they have a dinner/drink party. I declined that invitation.

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