Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Guam Trip by Kabi, Masako, Shigeko, Yuta

I went on a trip to Guam with three classmates from our English conversation class. We were there five days. There was a beautiful rainbow. We saw the rainbow for the first time on the horizon. It was very beautiful. We also saw a wedding on the beach.
1. The toilet tank lever was broken.
2. The Wi-Fi connection didn't work.
3. Shigeko and I got sick on the boat during dolphin watching. We didn't see any dolphins.
1. We had our meals in the hotel room together. We had a meal with food and drinks. We bought them at the ABC Mart.
2. Three women stayed in a single room in turn.
1. Shigeko and I bought some chocolates at the K-Mart. However, the price on the package and the receipt amount didn't match. We showed the receipt to the clerk and he gave us the difference.
2. We transferred to he City Loop Bus 'Rea Rea'. We asked the driver how to go to K-Mart.
That was FUN!

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