Friday, March 29, 2019

My March

My March was excellent. 
1. I visited Tokyo three times in March. One was to the Kyu-iwasaki-tei Gardens, one was to the Hama-riyku Gardens and one was to Tokyo University and Koishiwaka Korakuen Gardens. I saw some beautiful sights here and learned some very interesting history about Tokyo and Japan. 
2. I attended two kindergarten graduation ceremonies. There was a party for the teachers after one which I also attended. My kindergarten lessons ended so I had some extra free time this month. 
3. I did some special gardening work around the house. I laid down 40 meters of black plastic sheets on the vacant lot next door. That will stop the weeds from appearing (I hope). I also laid down about 3 meters along one side of our house. It is the North side so we down use it. But the weeds do grow there.
4. M and I took a three day trip to Shizuoka. Our first night we enjoyed eating and drinking at an Izakaya in Shimoda. That has been on my "Bucket list" for a long time. We also visited the Irozaki and Aloe Center for some aloe soft cream as well as Perry's Road .
5. I went to the gym a dozen times.
6. I was busy "juggling kids". Some kids quit our school and some new kids came. Some kids are older so they must change their lesson times. It is always like that in March. 
7. I went to see Alicia's live performance in Ageo. She is a former student.
8. We started a new adults lesson at our school. I also started a new kindergarten lesson. I also lost one kindergarten lesson.
I am looking forward to April.

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