Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Dinner party

The Kenkatsu lessons ended March 9th. They last for 20 weeks. There are two of the. The first is a lesson for beginner to intermediate students. The second is for advanced students. In this lesson we can only speak English. Japanese is taboo! There are 9 gentlemen in this class. Several of these men like to drink alcohol. Several of the lady students do, too. So, after the final lesson several of us go out for dinner and drinks. It is a kind of ritual. Two Saturdays ago, we went to Omiya, which is where we always go and had dinner. This time we dined at a special place. It is called "              ". It is a Tachi-Nomi shop. That means there are no seats and you have ot stand when you drink and eat. However, they do have a second floor. Up there they have a large table with seats for up to 12 adults. The room is all wooden and it is very secluded. We have been there for dinner once before. And as usual, a couple of us went early for some primers downstairs. When the others arrived we all went upstairs and had some DE-licious food. And we had some DE-licious alcohol. It was a special dinner with special people. 

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