Saturday, October 5, 2019


This is the 10th month of the year, namely, October. Did you know that OCTO means 8 (eight)? Puzzler: CLICK HERE

October Home Project
今月のHome Projectは、「 UP」 です。

Get up, wake up , pick up, look up, mix up, get up, close up, back up, clean up, break up, blow up, dress up, hard up, call up, fix up, give up, hang up, hard up, zip up, lock up, pull up, rise up, turn up, warm up.......level up your skills and use these in conversations and in your stories this month.
今月は、これらの、up,  up,などの単語を使って会話をしたり、話の中に取り入れて文章を作ってみましょう! Good luck!

Bench warmers


BroGreg said...

Football or rugby players? I am guessing rugby.

Bro Rick said...

Rugby players. I happened upon them not far fom Tokyo station.