Thursday, October 31, 2019

A trip to Tokyo part 3

I was in the Palace East Garden. The gardens are beautiful as always. I walked around with no particular goal, or, destination. There were many foreigners. I met and spoke to three Rugby fans. (They all agreed that Japan would lose their rugby match against the Republic of South Africa.) I sat on a bench for a while enjoying the peace and quiet of the park. There are many paths and roads to explore. On my way out there was a small Palace Museum. It was free to enter. I entered. There were objects that were presented to previous Emperors for their coronations. There will be three exhibitions here. I hope to go again. As I exited at the Ote-Mon gate there was a long line (queue) of visitors to enter. Of course it's free and after a quick bag check the people can enter soon. I walked towards Tokyo station. My destination was Maruzen book store. I was there in 15 minutes. I went straight to the fourth. However before getting my book, I went to look at the globes again. So, cool. Then I got my book. It is Hamlet by William Shakespeare. I got a 10% discount as the book was handled a lot but never purchased. So, with my book in hand, I headed home.

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