Tuesday, October 8, 2019

The Dancing Culprit

We visited M's sister's house in Tokyo two Sundays ago. Three of us went there by car. We went out for lunch and then returned to the new house. At that time our older daughter and her husband also came. There were six of us. So, our younger daughter said "Let's play cards." All agreed. She introduced a new card game to us. It is called "The dancing culprit". 
Six of us played. Cards are dealt (passed out) to all the players. Each player has the same amount (number) of cards. For six people there are four cards. Later with five people we all got five cards. We pass the cards to our right or to the left. There are rules written on each card. Some rules appear once. Some rules appear twice. Some cards ask questions. Some cards give orders. One card is the CULPRIT. The cards disappear one by one. It is too difficult to explain. Actually it was difficult for me to understand. But, we all had a good time. I think I won once. After paying cards we had cake and refreshments. Then our family went to have a birthday party for Rina. PICTURE An interesting bicycle that I saw in Tokyo.

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