Thursday, October 17, 2019

Rugby at Kumagaya Stadium Part 1

So the Rugby World Cup 2019 Japan continues. Japan is H-O-T! They are on FIRE! That means that they are doing very, very well. Now I have better news! My son-in-law bought two tickets for the Rugby match in Kumagaya. He invited me to go with him. The match was between Argentina and the USA! That is my home team. How lucky am I! We met in Kumagaya, at the station at 10AM. We then walked the ten minutes to the FAN ZONE. What a surprise! There were so many happy, smiling faces everywhere on the route to the FAN ZONE and then at the stadium. They were volunteers waving and hi-fiving and greeting all who passed by. AT the FAN ZONE we got to experience rugby. We could pass and kick the ball and score a try. I met several fans from around he world. The Americans wore some wild costumes (Elvis was there!). The Argentinians wore blue and white striped T-shirts. From here we took a bus to the stadium. That was very smooth. There were many buses for many fans. Continued tomorrow.

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