Friday, October 4, 2019

St Niholai Cathedral Part 3

There were a dozen men dressed in gold garbs or gowns. Some were young. Some were old. Then the holiest, most highest and oldest guy entered. There was a big ceremony for him. The guys in gold took off his gown and jacket, then put a new gold jacket and gown on him. They were always kissing his hands! They held him a bible for him to read from. Two golden guys were waving golden incense holders. There was smoke coming from them. One gold guy was in the front to the right. He read some chants for about 20 minutes. He kept repeating these words "Shamalinshki, shamalinshiki. shamalinshki..." eight times in a row. He did that many times. And as he spoke them he was counting them on his fingers. That was cool. Then some gold guys were chanting. They had very deep, beautiful voices. Their chants resonated through the building. I stood for a long time and was getting tired. I asked a lady when it will end. She said one more hour. I left immediately. I had been standing for 90 minutes! It was a great experience. You should check it out from the back of the room for ten or fifteen  minutes. 

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