Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Electric bicycle

This time I went to Tokyo with my family. We had two purposes (reasons/goals). First we wanted to visit my better half's sister. 'Better half'? That means your wife (or your husband). But, before that we went to the cemetery to visit the family grave. M drove to Tokyo. Her sister lives in Ueno. I watched from the back seat as buildings and sights passed by. I was trying to recognize them as part of my Tokyo study. We arrived at her home before noon. The home is beautiful. It is in a small neighborhood. And there are many shops and restaurants along the main streets. Then I saw my sister-in-law's bicycle. It was electric! I wanted to try it. So, we decided to go to a restaurant for lunch. They went by car and I went by bicycle. It was fun. There are many up and down roads here, so this type of vehicle is necessary. I left first. Of course I got lost. I used my phone to get my "bearings" = to get oriented = to find my location. It was easy. We finally met and had lunch at a Kohikan. Not bad!

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